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Improve your physical, mental & metabolic health with ketogenic therapy, quantum biology, targetted supplements & hypnosis

Staying or getting healthy nowadays needs a multi-pronged approach as we need to deal with an abundance of processed food, pollution, being indoors under blue light surrounded by technology as well as the stressful emotional demands of living in modern-day society with our ancient caveman or woman genetics.

This doesn’t need to be costly and time consuming or require special food or equipment as activities like fasting or grounding by standing barefoot on the earth and completely free.

When looking to ‘clean up your diet’  its about everything you take in on a daily basis, not just food

  • Food you eat
  • Light you absorb
  • Information you digest
  • Social media  you consume
  • Other living being’s energy you connect with

This is where the quantum biology  comes in and I first came across quantum physics during my PhD in the early 2000s. Light is a nutrient too and we need to start to think about the quality and timing of light we get as light exposure is how we balance hormones like leptin, cortisol and melatonin and brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

The ketogenic diet done properly allows the mitochondria in your cells, your ‘molecular batteries’ to produce exclusion zone water and energy in a way that reduces inflammation and oxidative damage. The health of your mitochondria decides the health of your cells and how much you can do, a bit like the battery in your phone.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root of most diseases as and we used to think that they just made ATP or ‘energy’, but they do a lot more. Your mitochondria produce pregnenolone which is a ‘master sex’ hormone that goes on to make testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol etc.  Your mitochondria also produce melatonin which is needed for sleep and during sleep, our cells perform autophagy and apoptosis which vital for repair, but also cancer prevention.

There are essential fats and essential proteins, but there is no essential carbohydrate, but it doesn’t mean that you can never eat carbs. There are also essential minerals and vitamins as well as a few non-essential but useful supplements

There is my NUBU principle of supplements

  • Necessary
  • Useful
  • Bunk
  • Unhealthy
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Many people think that just eating less than 20g of carbs a day is ‘The keto diet’ or  medical ketogenic diets are only for people with epilepsy and are very restrictive.

There are 6  variations of  ketogenic diets  cited in the medical/scientific literature as well as at least 20 more if all types of therapeutic fasting and the carnivore diet are included

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Why Choose Quantum Biology, A  Ketogenic Way Of Eating And Hypnotic Mindset Shifts?

  • Correct Way Of Eating For You

    The way of eating I choose for you depends on where you are coming from and where you want to go.

    You might be coming from a Standard American Diet and be  full of inflammation, overweight, in pain and have depression.

    Your needs are very different to somebody who is vegan, suffering from nutrient deficiencies  and has an autoimmune disease

  • Circadian Rhythm – Quantum Biology 

    This is where we take a deeper dive into your biology at the sub-atomic level and look at your

    Daily routine

    Light exposure

    Technology use

    Hydration at the cellular level not just blood

    Redox status

  • Targetted Supplements 

    If you eat a nutrient-dense diet with animal products, seafood for DHA, seasonal and local produce you don’t need supplements unless you have a specific deficiency or are trying to achieve a specific goal.

    Overuse of supplements and supplements in the wrong form can disturb your biochemistry and burden your liver.

  • Hypnosis And Mindset

    You are only one thought away from a happy thought or a negative thought. But it is more than that it is how you shape your reality and react to your thoughts.

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