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Do Toxins Matter?

Removing things that are making you weak is easier than taking things to make you strong

Toxins like mold toxin, pesticides, heavy metals (eg mercury) and pollutants cause inflammation which causes disease and aging.

Inflammation inhibits your body’s natural ability to remove toxins (biochemical detox)

Xeno-estrogens found in plastic, fluorine and phthalates are hormone disruptors which along with processed food its a reason men and women are tormented earlier by hormone imbalances than our parents or grandparents. 

Glyphosate which is a weed killer causes gut issues by interfering with your gut microbiome, mood problems by affecting levels of tryptophan in your body which you need to make an important brain chemical, serotonin  and it can get into your fascia and collagen which causes ageing and pain. 

Efficient detoxification depends on a series of seamless reactions that bind toxins to shuttle molecules and “escort” them out quietly out of your body. Detox supplements 

Redox before you detox means you need to have healthy mitochondria, enough EZ water and enough energy or electrons to be able to handle a detox.

This is where a quantum biology approach is very useful as if you fix your ‘Redox’ your body often detoxes on its own.

The Supplement Minefield

There are 1000s of supplements from nootropics to medicinal mushrooms then bio-identical  hormones to psychedelics. Which ones should you avoid and which ones do you need? Detox supplements 

“Supplements can be very helpful for the right person in the right amount at the right time”

I have over 20 yrs worth of biochemistry experience and only recommend or assist with supplements I have tried 1st hand.

My last rabbit hole was HRT for men and women as it infuriates me both sexes do not have access to the correct hormones and protocols from their phyicians. There  is some serious mis-information out there about HRT and only the wrong HRT is bad. The correct form is actually anti-cancer and cardioprotective. Detox supplements 

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