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Physics – Movement, Fasica & Massage

“The body is a machine that’s designed to move” and ‘movement is our best medicine’ are phrases I’ve heard over the years. 

Exercising,  moving well, and playing  are not the same thing! 

Learning to move well using simple basic movements is something many people ‘skip over’ then wonder why they get injuries in the gym, in the garden or on the playing field. 

Being able to do functional movement well  is important for daily life and sport and this includes squatting, reaching, bending, twisting, jumping, getting down to the floor, picking up heavy objects, carrying and more.

Improving or maintaining your posture, flexibility, mobility & strength are vital for staying active or out of pain and there are lots of ways to do this that arent time consuming or tedious. 

Movement is also very good for your brain as your motor cortex is in your frontal lobe, which performs executive functions such as planning, logic, focusing, comparing and a lot more. You do not want a badly behaved frontal lobe!

Some people do no like exercise such as going to the gym, running because its painful in a bad way or they are afraid of flaring up an old injury, this is where restorative movement comes in. 

Restorative or rehabilitative movement is very important after an injury or operation because incorrect rehab will lead to more problems down the line. Huge numbers of people have rehabilitated an injury incorrectly or not dealt with scar tissue properly. 

I have experience with spine surgery, shoulder surgery, joint replacements and soft tissue injuries and I know that you can ‘mend yourself’/ Fasica and message 

I have worked teaching movement to since 2010 and there are literally thousands of movements and exercises I can show you. I also use simple portable objects like prickle balls and bands to add variety.

Another layer I add here is helping you move, massage and release your fascia so you can be your own massage therapist or physio 

It might be you want exercises for a specific body part such as your hips, neck or even your face


exercises for place such as your office, on an aeroplane or in a hotel room

Or you might have a specific event in mind and want your body on top form

What would you like to create? A more mobile fitter body? A stronger body?  A body that can easily play with kids, do sports you like or go for long walks? Fasica and message