Change Your Perspective To Change Your Life

Consciousness & Spirituality

Throughout human history there have been accounts of everyday people having spiritual experiences that catapulted their consciousness them beyond the limits of what was thought to be possible. 

Did they know how to access flow states or did they tap into something supernatural?

3,500 references from over 800 scientific journals in 20 languages, the evidence clearly tells us that we’re not what we’ve been told in the past, and even more than we’ve allowed ourselves to imagine. Such as the ability to heal with our minds.

As the acceptance of expanded human potential gains mainstream momentum, the question has shifted from

 “What is possible in our lives?” to “How do we do it? How do we awaken our extraordinary potential in everyday life?” 

Basically we all make our own realities out of our surroundings and memories. Our friends and family invent their realities too. What if you could create and shape a better future for ourselves ? 

Many people get stuck as they have the mind set they aren’t worthy or don’t deserve something which can stem from trauma, then self sabotage or panic if life is going too well thinking the bubble will burst.

Others look for short unsustainable burst of pleasure from substances, food, sex and then feel crap afterwards. 

The idea is to create something sustainable by tapping into your own superconscious whenever you need.

I help people explore and develop their spiritual side to access different states of consciousness with techniques that are not against their religious beliefs or values.

Sara Pugh Spirituality

“I contacted Sara during a very critical and difficult time of my life. I was interested in trying hypnotherapy as I was really struggling to overcome a life changing loss I faced. When I spoke to Sara, she talked to me as if she had known me for a long time. She understood every aspect of my situation and showed true care and understanding towards what I was going through.

I was able to take away a lot of value from my sessions with Sara and now use the hypnotic methods that Sara taught me. In addition to this, Sara is now helping me in all aspects of my situation; spiritually, emotionally and practically.

It is refreshing to know that there are people out there like Sara who are so genuine and truly care about those who come to them in times of need. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel with my situation, I can now feel hope and I can truly say that if it wasn’t for Sara, I would still be in the darkest place of the tunnel. If anyone is looking for a multi-skilled hypnotherapist and simply someone who truly cares and shows compassion towards others, then Sara is the person to turn to. Thank you Sara, from the bottom of my heart.” Tahira Rehman – Trader