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Quantum Health- Light, Magnetism, Water & Energy

So Simple Its Easy To Overlook

Quantum Health…We need a full spectrum of nutrients.  We also need  the full spectrum of light and sound for optimal health. There is junk light and junk sound which causes us to releases harmful ageing stress hormones as well as destroying our much needed sleep. 

Light is the biggest driver of metabolism and you may not know that  blue light especially from sceens and artificial LED lighting raises all mammals blood sugar and insulin! 

This means your blood sugar can go up without you eating anything at all. Knowing this is very important for preventing or reversing conditions like type 2 diabetes. Constantly raised blood sugar and insulin is inflammatory, ageing and damages blood vessels which supply organs. Like your brain! 

Knowing what I know now 20 yrs ago about circadian rhythms or body clocks would have made my life so much easier as I had no idea the right sort of light at the right time was vital for making thyroid hormone and neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. 

I also wish I had known that making artificial summers in the winter not only caused SAD but made me age faster as my body thinks I have had two summers, so I aged faster biologically. 

Nature, in the form of light, sound, water, electrons, and mitochondria, changed my life. When I started to teach  this information to others, it started to change their lives, too, especially those who told me they ‘had tried everything’. 

The 4th Phase Of Water | Quantum Health

Did you know 99 out of 100 of the molecules in a human are water? 

Did you know water had a  4th phase ? A gell-like phase knowns as exclusion zone water (EZ water),  structured water or living water. This water coats all of your biological membranes and makes sure your blood vessels and fascia are slippery so your blood flows easily and you move well, without aches and pains. 

Structured or EZ water or living water in the body is not like ordinary water as the positive and negative charges, the protons and electrons separate so this water can effectively act like a battery and provide us with more much needed energy.  

Sulphate in the body is very important for helping to structure water, as well as to transport hormones around. Sulphur and sulphate are also important in how well we move and how dehydrated we become with age and sulphate depletion is over looked in the health and wellbeing and anti ageing world. In part because sulpur is cheap and you can get it from your food if you know what to eat. 

There are numerous studies now coming out the beneficial effects of simple habits like grounding, seeing the sunrise and learning how to minimise your exposure to harmful  nnEMFs but still enjoy your technology. 

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