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Brain & Nervous System

Why work with the brain and nervous system?

Brain and Nervous system . We  have one of the most complex objects in the universe between our ears. Everything you have ever done,  experienced, will do or will become is due to brain function. 

The nervous system is in charge of almost everything in your body. You can control it or it can control you.

Your nervous system,  is the most plastic system of the body this is what ‘neuroplasticity‘ means that you can learn new things and literally ‘rewire your brain’. 

But you can have maladaptive neuroplasticity or ‘bad neuroplasticity’ where you teach yourself a bad habit, behaviour or addiction. 

Practice makes permanent, not perfect  

Research has shown that the nervous system can continue to learn at any age, so you can improve yourself at any time in your life by focusing on the nervous system

How Your Nervous Systems Works 101

If you need to make changes in pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility, or any other physical attribute, an excellent  path to getting there is to adjust your nervous system.

How your nervous system works in a nutshell

  1. The brain receives input,  this comes from eyes, ears, skin, joints via receptors.
  2. The input travels up the spinal cord to the brain.  The brain analyses the input, compares it to all other pasts experiences, attaches meaning  to the input and makes a decision
  3. The brain produces an output this is usually movement but also organ response, blood pressure changes.

The path to creating a better body and a better brain lies in this input, decision,  output sequence.  

If you struggle with an ache you can’t shift, plateaus, balance problems, repeated injuries, stiffness, brain fog.

 Either you have an input problem, a decision making problem or an output problem.

My nervous systems and brain training can help you create improvements in mental and physical wellbeing and performance as well as injury prevention, pain relief, stress reduction and faster recovery time

The good thing about brain training or neurology drills is they  do not require you to leap about or do anything physically strenuous or dangerous so they can be done almost anywhere and by people who have injures or have had surgery