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I offer

Monthly Membership Coaching £25/ $29 USD per month

Quantum Foundations Course ($97) OFFER $79

Mighty Minerals & Avoiding Deuterium Course $129
Everything you need to know about balancing your minerals, with 3 Bonus modules for specific ailments & conditions

Private Sessions 1:1

In Depth 121 Consultation & Follow-Up Session (2 X 1hr Sessions In Total)
£399 / $499 USD

1 Off Consultation
£229 GBP/$287 USD (Non Members)
£160 GBP/ $199 USD (Members)

Educational Session
£125 / $159 USD


WhatsApp: 07765662579

Or Book A 15 min Zoom Call On My Calendar Below If You Plan To Work With Me But Not Sure Which Option You Need


I give you the resources you need it the right order, help you take action and give feedback 

I can’t possibly download 20yrs worth of knowledge and experience into a 1hr session

It might have taken you decades to accumulate your issues so they can’t be fixed in a few sessions

If you choose the monthly, your companions are like-minded people who are serious about their health. These are the ideal people to be around as they will accelerate your progress rather than hinder it.

This allows us to  connect  several times a week (every day if you are keen)

If you answer 'Yes' to these points

  • I want to thrive not just survive and maintain.
  • I am responsible and proactive about my health.
  • I believe investing (time and money) in my health is essential and I prioritise it in my life.
  • I am ready to take action now to improve myself.

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