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The journey from hardcore scientist to the quantum angel hypnotist

Hello, I’m  Dr Sara Pugh | Anti Aging Sepcialist

Biochemistry & Biophysics 

Anti Aging Specialist…I started my career as a hardcore research scientist with a degree in biochemistry and genetics from the University of Leeds in the UK. I also have a Ph.D. in molecular mechanisms and  biophysics 

I did research on the protein folding (Dementia) effect of statins and cholesterol on the heart as well as dopamine receptors (addiction) and pain receptors

“I was secretly interested in anti-aging and performance enhancement,
but this was unknown and a bit taboo in the early 2000s so I experimented in secret”

My research ended when I couldn’t stand the backache, shoulder pain, and stiffness that lab work gave me along with literally driving me mad. 

So I left science in 2010 as I prefer people over laboratories. 

Movement & Pain 

I started off helping people move better get out of pain, improve their posture and improve their functional movement using Pilates…. But I knew I was missing something..

Nervous System & Brain 

“I realised that neuroplasticity, eye exercises, vestibular or balance system training and cranial nerve stimulation were part of the ‘secret sauce’. “

Many people have heard of the vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) but there are 11 other cranial nerves. No nerve is more important than any other in health

I trained in functional neurology to add a whole new dimension to my clients and because problems in the nervous system can be the root of stress.

But still, there were people I couldn’t help and sometimes in private sessions someone would tell me something very personal so I decided I needed to train in some sort of therapy.

Hypnosis & Spirituality 

So that was how I got into hypnosis, as I also learned stage hypnosis and I been hypnotising people since 2012. 

I love helping people access the super powers and healing abilities in their consciousness, overcoming addictions as well as making powerful positive changes, like starting a business or a new way of eating

I used to have a terrible monkey mind myself and it took me years to be to find stillness and equanimity in my I can help you access the quantum space in your consciousness where healing and new possibilities exist.

I have developed some of my own hypnotic techniques based on the memory of water. bio-geometry, spiritual practices and ancient cultures. I have studied Christian mysticism, Angels and Kabbalah, I am currently studying bio geometry and sacred geometry. 

Sara Pugh Spirituality

I am  interested in, and respectful of all  spiritual practices from Hinduism, Sihkism and Islam to Shamanism. 

Biology & Food

Being a biochemist I wan naturally interested in nutrition and supplements and I have experimented with many ways of eating and most supplements.

I am qualified in medical ketogenic therapy and biochemical detoxification and have delivered many workshops on ‘Detox, Fasting and Keto’.

I have developed a circadian ketogenic way of eating for myself that allows seasonal and local fruit and vegetables in the warmer months and ketosis in the colder months. This is what our biology is designed for how our ancestors would have lived and help others adopt a more ancestral way of eating.

The best way of eating is the healthiest one that you can stick to and feel nourished by. This is the approach I take unless you have a specific way of eating in mind, a health problem you diet is causing or food addiction.


“Removing harmful things from our lives is just as important as putting helpful things in”

I initially started out as a Quicksilver Detox practitioner as this method was how Tony Robbins safely got his astronomical levels of mercury down. 

Quantum Biology 

Discovering Quantum biology made sense to me as it was the application of quantum physics to humans, nature & spirituality. 

It emphasises that life and health are are all about light, water and magnetism”

 I realised things I thought was ‘woo woo’ in my 20s were key bits of the health jigsaw.

Quantum biology allowed me to join the dots from all my 25 yrs of experience and look at my client’s bodies and souls as well as mine through a different lens.

Quantum biology gave me lots of ‘Ah ha moments and new solutions to old problems.

I did ‘win’ against my mental and physical  pain and took up gymnastics in my 40’s, something I didn’t think  was possible.   

I am beginning my studies in bio-geometry, sacred geometry so I can apply this to my practice As you know we are constantly making new scientific discoveries so I make sure I keep me ear to the ground for new developments so watch this spacenti